Friday, December 31, 2010

5 Star Luxury.

I'm talking about my bed, not a hotel. For Christmas I got a new set of bedding, which I finally got around to putting on my bed. I couldn't put it in a dirty room, and cleaning is no joke. Last night, I finally crawled into my, now clean, bed and oh my lord! It feels like a luxury hotel. Do I need 8 pillows on my bed? YES! Ok, well probably not, but it sure feels good- like I'm sleeping on a cloud.
I really could have taken a better photograph, but I didn't ;p

It's hard to believe that this is the last day of 2010! I'm sure I say that every year, but my mind isn't getting any sharper! I hope everybody enjoys their New Years! I will be blogging more regularly come the turn of the new year so expect to deal with more of me from now on! Muahaha. Ok, that was a little extreme, but yes, I will try to be around more. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Chloé à la veille de Noël.

Christmas Eve has arrived. I feel like a little kid again, you know where the day drags on and I can't wait until tomorrow morning? It's going to be a relaxing day of finishing wrapping gifts, eating cheese & crackers with wine, and playing board games with the family.

Chloé is enjoying Christmas and in particular, the tree. I had the camera out earlier and she was eager to pose for it. She's feeling like Levi has been getting a little too much attention on here ;)

So I will leave you with some photos of Chloé. Merry Christmas Everyone!

I found a string

I'm gonna get it!

Snowflake! Got it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For Yvonne

I've been a bad blogger as my sister pointed out to me yesterday, and because she motivated me to post again, she gets the honorary blog title. Enjoy it while it lasts! 

My sister and I had this tradition when we were kids that on Christmas morning we would wake up around 4am, go out to the living room, open our stockings and wait for my parents to wake up around 6:30. I always thought this was amazing. My sister got to lay on the couch and be the "princess" while I answered to her every need. Fix her breakfast, warmer blankets, fluff her pillow, Oh what's that? You want me to bring you your slippers? Why of course! This is something we did from the time we were weee lil children until, well, until we moved out of our parents house. So basically I spent a good 20 years being my sisters slave at Christmas and I'm starting to wonder how exactly this was so great. But I miss it and her, and even her annoying little fishy lips (which I apologize that none of you know about.)

On the flip side, I do get to be somebody's servant this year since my little brother broke his toe. He's milking it for all it's worth too. This holiday season has been crazy and it's sure hard to juggle everything.
Is the umbrella worth it?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My dog's a klepto & my cat's a masochist.

I'm slightly concerned with my dog's underwear fetish. He seeks out boxers, in particular, and goes running around the house with them. I thought we were having the-dryer-ate-the-sock syndrome... or in this case, underwear, but no: I'm on to you, Preston! The other night, I caught this on camera... he thought he was being SO sneaky. 
I like anything that smells like butt.

And while we're on the topic of animals with strange urges, my cat Levi has taken to self injury. He's keeps rubbing his mouth on things until it swells up. I'm not entirely convinced he wants to hurt himself though. After reading on The Bloggess about how cat's eat their babies (and apparently owners) I'm starting to think he might be holding a grudge against me... and scheming to eat me!
Don't worry, I'm just preparing my mouth for the kill.

Now that face looks EVIL! I guess I'll be sleeping with one eye open from now on... and buying extra underwear.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spray paint & bellies up!

Apparently some department stores don't like when the leaves fall off a tree, or rather, bush. I was out holiday shopping when I came up to the entry way of a department store and noticed this:
Spray paint- it's the new Miracle Grow.

I guess if a plant is dying it's now acceptable to use paint to "liven" it up. It looks brand new to me!

After a long day of shopping I was feeling exhausted. After all, this is more exercise than I've had all year. Someone else who had too much exercise, or was just overwhelmed by the holidays, was this little fellow:

I saw him in a pet-store. He clearly was not in shape to be doing so much running. Well, this is DEFINITELY an eye-opener for me. I should exercise LESS unless I want to end up like Mr. Overdidit Hamster.

Don't worry... he's not actually dead. Mr. Sleepypants just had a long day.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The exploding ashtray.

Any company that knows, and I mean KNOWS, that they have unrealistic demands for their employees will provide an ashtray-- or many of them. There's nothing like promoting smoking in the corporate world... it's all just synergy!

One afternoon our ashtray caught on fire. Apparently someone thought it was a trashcan? It was the kind that looks like this: 

I'm still not really sure how this could be mistaken for a trashcan, unless you're used to shoving trash through a 2 inch hole. Anyway, the fact of the matter is, someone shoved trash in there, and later on someone through a lit cigarette in there... and voila! We had our very first ashtray meltdown!

Let me tell you, this "polyethylene" isn't so sturdy! I'm sure it didn't help that our maintenance man was attempting to put the fire out with WINDEX!  Yes, ammonia filled windex. I was watching the whole scene in awe from my window-seat, hoping for the best, but the fire ended up going out. Damn.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is it final?

If you've noticed I haven't been around lately it's because it's college finals week. I'm dying over here, literally (or as Frasier Crane would say: figuratively.) When did classes start requiring multiple finals each? Maybe I shouldn't have waited so long to go back to school after all! All this stress is going to give me a full blown case of adult acne...and quite possibly ADD. Can you develop dyslexia as an adult? Perhaps my brain is going into hibernation. 

I have not forgotten my sacred little blog! But I've been so pressed for time this week, I simply can't keep up. I will try to pop in, but if you don't hear from me, I will be back next week in full blown blog mode! You can't wait, right? If you get too lonely, pop on some good old fashion Jazz music and drift into the world of holiday cheer.