Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For Yvonne

I've been a bad blogger as my sister pointed out to me yesterday, and because she motivated me to post again, she gets the honorary blog title. Enjoy it while it lasts! 

My sister and I had this tradition when we were kids that on Christmas morning we would wake up around 4am, go out to the living room, open our stockings and wait for my parents to wake up around 6:30. I always thought this was amazing. My sister got to lay on the couch and be the "princess" while I answered to her every need. Fix her breakfast, warmer blankets, fluff her pillow, Oh what's that? You want me to bring you your slippers? Why of course! This is something we did from the time we were weee lil children until, well, until we moved out of our parents house. So basically I spent a good 20 years being my sisters slave at Christmas and I'm starting to wonder how exactly this was so great. But I miss it and her, and even her annoying little fishy lips (which I apologize that none of you know about.)

On the flip side, I do get to be somebody's servant this year since my little brother broke his toe. He's milking it for all it's worth too. This holiday season has been crazy and it's sure hard to juggle everything.
Is the umbrella worth it?

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