Monday, November 29, 2010

It's all fun and games, until someone splits their toe open.

Well I must say black friday went smashingly well! I decided to get an early start and left the house at 3:15am. It was 4:45 when I approached one of the stores. There was a line stretching half a mile long with people waiting outside (most of whom had been there since the night before.) Do I want to stand in this line? No way! So instead I grabbed a hot cup of coffee, thanks Starbucks! Sipping my warm drink and eating my scone I watched as the line took a half hour to enter the store. Then, once everyone was in, I popped out of my car, entered the store, grabbed what I needed and checked out all within 20 minutes! Boy am I glad I didn't freeze all night for that! In fact, I moved in and out of every store I visited with ease, getting everything I needed (mostly for myself, ha!)

After a long day of shopping I took a nice drive down to my sister's house to celebrate our late Thanksgiving. It was all good eats and fun until a kid touched an open flame on a candle, and two others ended up in the ER. One from a concussion and my brother from breaking his toe and splitting his nail away from the cuticle! OUCH! And now my sister has laryngitis. Thanksgiving is dangerous! Well I'm thankful I escaped unscathed!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A love affair

I'm completely having a love affair with cashmere right now. I recently brought my purple cashmere scarf back to life. I completely forgot how warm and soft it is. This brought me to my next epiphany! I must have everything in cashmere! Maybe I'll get some cashmere goats and start knitting my own things. Now accepting free goats. After much searching I'm wondering why nobody makes cashmere underwear? I mean... really. I asked my breasts what they wanted for christmas and they said a cashmere bra! Ladies... I have come to the conclusion that our ladies deserve to be pampered! I'll be working on it, don't fret! 

On a completely different note, tomorrow I will be braving the crowds to try and find some great Black Friday steals. Who's going to be waking before the crack of dawn with me?  Let me know if you find any unusual items, particularly in cashmere! Tomorrow we can share stories! It was brutal last year; only run over people with your shopping cart if you absolutely MUST!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Tonight's post will be short and sweet. Mmm sweets.. I could totally go for some chocolate right now. Unfortunately, I'm suffering from a brain-throbbing migraine. But, I just wanted to put it out there that my kitty creations (aka ornaments) are complete! You can check them out, up close and personal, on Etsy  by going here. Tomorrow we'll party like some crazy cats. Au revoir!

Ham for the holidays.

Winter is finally upon us and wow it's cold. I live in an area that goes from 90 to 40 overnight. With the sudden change in weather, it finally feels like the holiday season. It was decided that it's time to do my Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping.

This year Thanksgiving dinner will be at my sister's house on Saturday, but I still want to do something on Thursday. So the excursion began. All I want is a small brown sugar ham. After visiting multiple grocery stores with no luck, I finally exclaimed out loud: Doesn't anybody carry personal sized hams anymore?! You know, for people with no family or loved ones? I'll take the silence as a no.

Maybe I'll start my own ham company. Ham for singles. Yeah, I like it. But I don't want to run it or anything... I'll need some cheap labor. And pigs.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner with a side of sarcasm, please.

Tonight was spent stuffing myself with breadsticks, salad, and chicken alfredo. I washed it down with Tropical Sangria (although, I'm not so sure what was so Tropical about it. I'm pretty sure Sangria is supposed to have fruit it in; thank you unnamed waitress.) As if that wasn't enough, I topped it off with a cookie and coffee. My stomach already let me know its thoughts on tonight's indulgence.

It was a birthday celebration. Not mine, of course, but a good time all around. Close friends conversing and eating. We sure know how to party. We were seated in the back corner of the restaurant. As soon as we sat down we all professed how grateful we were that it was so quiet and hoped the waitress wouldn't come back too much. Can't you tell we're very lively? (And social!) 

So with the buttons on our pants about to fly off at any moment, it was time for the birthday girl to open her gifts. Makeup brushes, scarf, lotions, bought cd's, burned cd's and cash. Speaking of cash, I found a $5 bill in a huge rain puddle, in a parking lot, and decided to fish it out with my bare hands. I hope she spends it well! ;)

The night was coming to an end, so as we smoked our last cigarette we proclaimed that if life doesn't work out after all we'll just live together in a big house and adopt a bunch of children. Our goals are set high on this birthday night.

But don't fear, my dear friend, it will work out. You're the cat's meow!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sorry boys, this one's for the ladies (& I'm sorry ladies, too!)

I'm sorry for not posting last night, as usual. Unfortunately I was having a mini-meltdown about my ovaries. Yes, I said it. My ovaries. As the expression goes, I'm not getting any younger and I still haven't met prince charming (I added the last part.) Only, my idea of prince charming is someone who will feed me and laugh at my attempt to crack jokes.

My sister and her husband recently had their first child and I guess it got me thinking that my ovaries are going to shrivel up and I'm going to miss my chance and child bearing. I think this thought might have been slightly exaggerated in my head though, considering I have at least another 8 years where I'd consider myself young enough to get started.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure this meltdown had something to do with my monthly visiter. I'm sorry, but why is it aways portrayed as some blooming flower that brings joy to the womanly species. I'd like to see a commercial that shows a woman having mood swings, gaining 10 lbs, having severe cramps, and changing her clothes 12 times because she either feels fat or she's ruined them. Sell me the product that fixes that!

If I could wear a yellow bikini and dive into a pool and start synchronize swimming, I don't think I'd need your pill (or whatever that advertisement is, you ladies know), thankyouverymuch!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Airplanes and...sinners?

Airplanes keep getting smaller and smaller these days, and fellow passengers are getting too close for comfort. I experienced this not-so-long ago while taking a trip to Michigan with my sister.

I made my sister sit in the middle seat, of course, because... well, why would I subject myself to so much discomfort? Flights are boring, so thank God I brought my mini DVD player! (Seriously, who wants to pay $5 bucks for a movie? I could redbox it for cheaper!) I chose to bring my entire collection of Sex in the City (all wrapped up in a pink suede case.) 

Everything started out so beautifully.. we were about 3 episodes in, and right in the middle of a juicy sex scene, when suddenly we were rudely interrupted by the outer edge of our airplane sandwich. Maybe she would like to join our steamy viewing. Wrong! Bible propaganda, what?! Yes, she finagled her way into handing out religious pamphlets about changing our ways. I nod, smile, take her brochures, and I'm genuinely thankful I now have a place to dispose of my over-chewed gum. 

Glancing at my sis, with one of those ok-that-was-weird looks, I un-pause our show. But wouldn't you know it, miss chatter-mouth is at it again. How many pamphlets does she travel with anyhow? Now, I'm not saying what I believe one way or another, but this is getting to be a little distracting.

Finally, silence. Un-pause. Damn, now I have a guilty conscience. The girl won. Stopping the show, my sister looks at me... I know that look. I guess it's just xanax and martinis from here until Michigan.

Dating and narcolepsy.. the not so perfect combo.

First things first. We will call him Marlo.

Things were going great... we saw each other all the time, listened to the same music, read the same books, and we both liked to eat (who doesn't, really?) It's pretty much a dream come true, and we both think so. 

But then one day it happened. I'm sitting alone at a coffee shop, waiting.. waiting... calling... waiting. I leave. Later, I get the excuse "I'm  so sorry, I fell asleep." Hmm. Ok, I rationalize with myself, he works long hours, overtime, nights.. he's tired. I'll give that to him... although it never happened before. Nevertheless, I decide to let it go and give him the benefit of the oh-so-there doubt.

Well, apparently, seeing that this works and I'm not the crazy-maniac-pre-bridezilla type, he decides this is the perfect excuse. Dinner plans = sleeping, coffee plans = sleeping, movie plans = sleeping. What are you, narcoleptic? I'm beginning to become genuinely concerned. I mean, of course it's not me! Narcolepsy's no joke, you know? Oh, but don't be alarmed, there is no medical condition to be concerned about! Me doing his taxes = awake. Homework help = awake. Lend-him-some-money = awake.

Marlo, Marlo, Marlo.. (this is the point where I run one finger over the other, making a tsk tsk noise.) The world is a big Marlo. Needless to say, I've decided not to date narcoleptics... I recommend the same.

Monday, November 15, 2010

So, who's in the mood for a good old-fashioned kidnapping story?

It's circa 2009... Blind date? I contemplate it for a few moments, doing the usual walking through the kitchen.. deciding whether I should go out, or just open the fridge and find a snack. I'm letting too much cold air out of our poorly stocked refrigerator when I decide, why not? I brush my hair, apply some shadow, gloss my lips and leave his info on a small piece of paper on the table.

I'm out of my element in his town so it's decided we will meet for coffee and then perhaps dinner. Awkward first hellos, and he tells me to get in his car and we'll head off to dinner. I was hesitant... maybe it was the busted primered car that gave it away.. but feeling judgmental about his vehicle, I decided I was being stupid and climbed in. What? We're not going to dinner? A bar? A hotel? No no no, this is not what I got myself into. "Actually, I think I'll just go home." But why isn't he stopping the car? Suddenly I'm told he's not going to let me go... At this point I was wishing I had 911 on speed dial, or one of those cat's that knows I'm in trouble and dials for me. I glance down at my purse on the floor of the car, knowing my phone is inside, and also knowing if I reach for it my only connection to anyone may be taken for me. I wonder if he has a weapon on him? Sizing him up I decide I might actually be stronger than he is. "Let me out." Silence. I'm told I don't have a choice and I'm going where he says. "Oh, is that so?" I realize that acting tough and using profanities is working pretty well, and plus this surge of adrenaline feels amazing! After some bantering, he must have decided I was too tough for him (or too boring), and decided not to murder me after all. He let's me out and now I'm on the side of a dark road in a town I don't know.

Thank God I stacked the dates that night! I call J. who I have also not met... boy am I smart or what? My hero! He saved me from this atrocious night. Coffee and ice-cream? What?! How did he know I was ready to throw myself into an emotional sugar binge. Taking separate cars was a given. I can barely understand him, but wowee he has the most gorgeous eyes. Plus, free ice-cream, I am in dreamland. This was a great turn around from the locked-in-the-car kidnapping an hour ago. After desert, he said something along the lines of, "Promise me I'll see you again."

Only now, I'm thinking that promise might not have been a good idea, since he mysteriously disappeared the next day... and received a call from his work a few days later informing me that they found his phone and I'm the last number... I guess my response to his plea to see me again should have been "Where, exactly?"

Le petit déjeuner est prêt.

Breakfast is ready indeed. This morning I was treated to a Tarte Tatin (said in my very best French accent.) 

Photography by Meg Markey

Delicious caramelized apples (les pommes), as light as air, sitting atop a thin flakey crisp crust. Il était très délicieux! Very delicious indeed. Perfectly delicate with a flavor that makes your taste-buds yum. Yes, I am using "yum" as a verb, it's the only word to describe this. A great start to a hopefully tolerable day!

Now go treat yourself... à toute à l'heure! (See you later!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's not so impossible.

I'm inspired by a new Sufjan Stevens song, "Impossible Soul." Although the theme of this song is not particularly light per se, I guarantee it will make you happy. Yes, I DID italicize "guarantee." Ok, brace yourself for this one; the song is 25 minutes long. Twenty-five WELL SPENT MINUTES. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it may just be the most brilliant thing I've ever heard. Sufjan has been getting some flack for his new "style" of music... but my Lord, have you heard it? Enough said. Get those earphones in (currently listening via Bose), and give this a listen!

Within the first few minutes you will hear 
"Seems I got it wrong, I was chasing after something that was gone
To the black of night, now I know it's not what I wanted at all
You said something like, "All you want is all the world for yourself"
But all I want is the perfect love, though I know it's small, I want love for us all." 

And by minute 14 (yes, you really are only a few minutes over half way through), begins a set of lyrics that you CANNOT HELP but sing along with. Something along the lines of this 

"It's a long life only one last chance
couldn't get much better
do you wanna dance
it's a good life
better pinch yourself
is it possible? is it possible?

boy we can do much more together
better get a life get a life get a life

It's not so impossible!"

I omitted some of the repeated lines for the obvious reason of length. I have yet to listen to this song without bursting out in a full on geeked-out smile at this point in the song.

It ends on a much more somber note, however. I will not spoil the ending. Just listen, it's really the best thing you can do for yourself. I suggest headphones, coffee, and...dancing? Just like the iPod billboards. So don't forget to wear all black and have a hot pink or lime green wall available. ;)

All of this to say, I am completely in an inspired-wonderstruck-awe filled state of amazement. 

Conversely, this song does bring to the forefront of my mind the image of losing our way in life, loving selfishly, and whole-heartedly. In the words of Stevens himself, it is an "intense, emotional, psychotherapy experiment." But I think this discussion is for another night. There is too much to say right now, so...listen to the song! Get on board! Put down the pop rock, hard metal, mass produced radio-ready music and go out on a limb...
Photography by Meg Markey
All rights reserved.

Bonne Nuit!

I'm laying in bed, ready to call it a night. But, I'm listening to my all time favorite album "Jacksonville City Nights" by Ryan Adam, and I couldn't resist sharing some truly great music with you. 

"Dear John"

I got a house full of walls
And utility bills, every Monday the company calls
I got a nice bed to sleep on
And a chest of drawers, where I keep those dreams of yours

Cause you're always mine to keep when you're gone
Two silvers rings, one's on my finger and the other one's gone
Went underground with you, oh John

Ten years pass
And I ended up with a house full of cats
But most of them went missing
Through that window you never fixed, the door you never latched

But you were on your way out the last time...

Cause you are always mine to keep when you're gone
Two silvers rings, one's on my finger and the other one's gone
Went underground with you, oh John

I knew what you were doing
That summer when Candie came around
But I had too much hurt to bother you
When we lost our first child I thought a little pain was overdue

And I wanted you so bad...

Cause you are always mine to keep when you're gone
Two silvers rings, one's on my finger and the other one's gone
Went underground with you, oh John

I miss you
I miss you

Top left to right: CAT POWER (You are Free), RYAN ADAMS (Gold). Bottom left to right: THE SHINS (Chutes too Narrow), RYAN ADAMS (Jacksonville City Nights), and SUFJAN STEVENS (Michigan)

If you haven't heard one (or any) of these albums, I strongly encourage you to check them out! They are amazing. You can find links to some mp3s on from these under "My Favorites" to your right :)

Goodnight, All.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, as you can imagine, when you start a new project or craft... and especially when it has sewing involved, there are many unforeseen issues that might arise. I'm currently making Cat Ornaments for the holidays, and I had a few problems I stumbled across. Did you know you can't sew through hot glue? What a mess! Also, probably not a good idea to attach long wire whiskers prior to hitting the sewing machine.. let's just say this was grounds for a very awkward experience. Nevertheless... I almost finished my sample, and now I know what to differently for the next one :)

Exhibit A:
Unfinished Cat Ornament

 Don't you want your favorite kitty cat turned into an ornament? :) Just ask. Or visit in the near future, as I will be listing sets soon.

So, here is a very rough mock-up of one of the Mew members. Coming soon :)
Cat plush mock-up

I can't wait 'til these are finished! Who doesn't want a cuddly purr? Am I right or what! ;) As for now, I have to get back to the daily grind.. work, work, work. Now that's the Cat's Meow!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well fellow internetees... Today has been a crazy whirlwind of doing early Christmas shopping and crafting. I'm currently working on a secret little craft soon to be sold on Don't worry, you'll get a sneak preview... hopefully tonight if I don't burn all the midnight oil!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What better way to start?

...than with a photo of my cats. Meet Chloe & Levi. They're beautiful healthy 4 (and a half! if you ask them..) year olds. I adopted them from a shelter when they were only 4 weeks old, and they have proved to be full of spunk. Who knew kitties could develop such distinct personalities? Chloe is trés petite. She has tiny delicate features and a soft voice which I wouldn't really call a meow. Every sound that comes out of her mouth sounds like a question. She often very softly reaches out her paw and places it on my arm. Levi is a lean 12 lbs. His favorite hobby is eating. If you look at him sideways he begins purring. Official title: Mister Levi.

I would hardly call this blog a "cat blog" although, you may hear interesting anecdotes about them from time to time. This is more of a journey; a living novel, if you will. You can expect to encounter office horror stories, diet yo-yo-ing, dating atrocities, unemployment woes, new beginnings and a developing self. I invite you to take this journey with me. The commitment? Well, none. But I'd be grateful if you accompany me through 365 days in my shoes. (This includes asking questions about what you want to hear more of, as well..)

So I begin this journey with an introduction to my kitties...because, after all, they are The Cat's Meow. ;)