Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner with a side of sarcasm, please.

Tonight was spent stuffing myself with breadsticks, salad, and chicken alfredo. I washed it down with Tropical Sangria (although, I'm not so sure what was so Tropical about it. I'm pretty sure Sangria is supposed to have fruit it in; thank you unnamed waitress.) As if that wasn't enough, I topped it off with a cookie and coffee. My stomach already let me know its thoughts on tonight's indulgence.

It was a birthday celebration. Not mine, of course, but a good time all around. Close friends conversing and eating. We sure know how to party. We were seated in the back corner of the restaurant. As soon as we sat down we all professed how grateful we were that it was so quiet and hoped the waitress wouldn't come back too much. Can't you tell we're very lively? (And social!) 

So with the buttons on our pants about to fly off at any moment, it was time for the birthday girl to open her gifts. Makeup brushes, scarf, lotions, bought cd's, burned cd's and cash. Speaking of cash, I found a $5 bill in a huge rain puddle, in a parking lot, and decided to fish it out with my bare hands. I hope she spends it well! ;)

The night was coming to an end, so as we smoked our last cigarette we proclaimed that if life doesn't work out after all we'll just live together in a big house and adopt a bunch of children. Our goals are set high on this birthday night.

But don't fear, my dear friend, it will work out. You're the cat's meow!

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