Friday, November 19, 2010

Sorry boys, this one's for the ladies (& I'm sorry ladies, too!)

I'm sorry for not posting last night, as usual. Unfortunately I was having a mini-meltdown about my ovaries. Yes, I said it. My ovaries. As the expression goes, I'm not getting any younger and I still haven't met prince charming (I added the last part.) Only, my idea of prince charming is someone who will feed me and laugh at my attempt to crack jokes.

My sister and her husband recently had their first child and I guess it got me thinking that my ovaries are going to shrivel up and I'm going to miss my chance and child bearing. I think this thought might have been slightly exaggerated in my head though, considering I have at least another 8 years where I'd consider myself young enough to get started.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure this meltdown had something to do with my monthly visiter. I'm sorry, but why is it aways portrayed as some blooming flower that brings joy to the womanly species. I'd like to see a commercial that shows a woman having mood swings, gaining 10 lbs, having severe cramps, and changing her clothes 12 times because she either feels fat or she's ruined them. Sell me the product that fixes that!

If I could wear a yellow bikini and dive into a pool and start synchronize swimming, I don't think I'd need your pill (or whatever that advertisement is, you ladies know), thankyouverymuch!

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