Monday, November 29, 2010

It's all fun and games, until someone splits their toe open.

Well I must say black friday went smashingly well! I decided to get an early start and left the house at 3:15am. It was 4:45 when I approached one of the stores. There was a line stretching half a mile long with people waiting outside (most of whom had been there since the night before.) Do I want to stand in this line? No way! So instead I grabbed a hot cup of coffee, thanks Starbucks! Sipping my warm drink and eating my scone I watched as the line took a half hour to enter the store. Then, once everyone was in, I popped out of my car, entered the store, grabbed what I needed and checked out all within 20 minutes! Boy am I glad I didn't freeze all night for that! In fact, I moved in and out of every store I visited with ease, getting everything I needed (mostly for myself, ha!)

After a long day of shopping I took a nice drive down to my sister's house to celebrate our late Thanksgiving. It was all good eats and fun until a kid touched an open flame on a candle, and two others ended up in the ER. One from a concussion and my brother from breaking his toe and splitting his nail away from the cuticle! OUCH! And now my sister has laryngitis. Thanksgiving is dangerous! Well I'm thankful I escaped unscathed!

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