Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Airplanes and...sinners?

Airplanes keep getting smaller and smaller these days, and fellow passengers are getting too close for comfort. I experienced this not-so-long ago while taking a trip to Michigan with my sister.

I made my sister sit in the middle seat, of course, because... well, why would I subject myself to so much discomfort? Flights are boring, so thank God I brought my mini DVD player! (Seriously, who wants to pay $5 bucks for a movie? I could redbox it for cheaper!) I chose to bring my entire collection of Sex in the City (all wrapped up in a pink suede case.) 

Everything started out so beautifully.. we were about 3 episodes in, and right in the middle of a juicy sex scene, when suddenly we were rudely interrupted by the outer edge of our airplane sandwich. Maybe she would like to join our steamy viewing. Wrong! Bible propaganda, what?! Yes, she finagled her way into handing out religious pamphlets about changing our ways. I nod, smile, take her brochures, and I'm genuinely thankful I now have a place to dispose of my over-chewed gum. 

Glancing at my sis, with one of those ok-that-was-weird looks, I un-pause our show. But wouldn't you know it, miss chatter-mouth is at it again. How many pamphlets does she travel with anyhow? Now, I'm not saying what I believe one way or another, but this is getting to be a little distracting.

Finally, silence. Un-pause. Damn, now I have a guilty conscience. The girl won. Stopping the show, my sister looks at me... I know that look. I guess it's just xanax and martinis from here until Michigan.

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