Thursday, November 11, 2010

What better way to start?

...than with a photo of my cats. Meet Chloe & Levi. They're beautiful healthy 4 (and a half! if you ask them..) year olds. I adopted them from a shelter when they were only 4 weeks old, and they have proved to be full of spunk. Who knew kitties could develop such distinct personalities? Chloe is trés petite. She has tiny delicate features and a soft voice which I wouldn't really call a meow. Every sound that comes out of her mouth sounds like a question. She often very softly reaches out her paw and places it on my arm. Levi is a lean 12 lbs. His favorite hobby is eating. If you look at him sideways he begins purring. Official title: Mister Levi.

I would hardly call this blog a "cat blog" although, you may hear interesting anecdotes about them from time to time. This is more of a journey; a living novel, if you will. You can expect to encounter office horror stories, diet yo-yo-ing, dating atrocities, unemployment woes, new beginnings and a developing self. I invite you to take this journey with me. The commitment? Well, none. But I'd be grateful if you accompany me through 365 days in my shoes. (This includes asking questions about what you want to hear more of, as well..)

So I begin this journey with an introduction to my kitties...because, after all, they are The Cat's Meow. ;)

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