Thursday, November 25, 2010

A love affair

I'm completely having a love affair with cashmere right now. I recently brought my purple cashmere scarf back to life. I completely forgot how warm and soft it is. This brought me to my next epiphany! I must have everything in cashmere! Maybe I'll get some cashmere goats and start knitting my own things. Now accepting free goats. After much searching I'm wondering why nobody makes cashmere underwear? I mean... really. I asked my breasts what they wanted for christmas and they said a cashmere bra! Ladies... I have come to the conclusion that our ladies deserve to be pampered! I'll be working on it, don't fret! 

On a completely different note, tomorrow I will be braving the crowds to try and find some great Black Friday steals. Who's going to be waking before the crack of dawn with me?  Let me know if you find any unusual items, particularly in cashmere! Tomorrow we can share stories! It was brutal last year; only run over people with your shopping cart if you absolutely MUST!

1 comment:

  1. I do think our ladies are asking for cashmere.. me I think I want cashmore (more cash?)